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About Us

Transforming the aggressive face of Kabul, spoiled by blast walls into a pleasant visual experience.

Artlords was established in 2014. It is a grassroots movement of artists and volunteers motivated by the desire to pave the way for social transformation and behavioral change through employing the soft power of art and culture as a non-intrusive approach.









At the Rebel Art Cafe, we love making and serving good coffee. We maintain the best of traditional techniques while embracing what modern technology and thinking have to offer.


Wartists is an art curator to provide space and platforms for the work of artists from war and conflict zones to showcase their artworks.


The Kabul Diplomate cultural and art magazine published for the first time by the ArtLords showed activities of artists and the ArtLords from around Afghanistan.


The growing generation of young leaders in Afghanistan are not given the means to connect, collaborate and share experiences. This gap can ultimately emerge as a barrier between different youth groups.

ArtLords Activities

Pieces of Peace -Young Leaders’ Conference. December 2020, Kabul Afghanistan

The International Pieces of Peace -Young Leaders' Conference under the Let's Talk Afghanistan program took place in Kabul, Afghanistan in the first week of December 2020.The Conference gathered 130 youth delegates from Afghanistan and abroad to discuss the role of youth in the pre, during, and post peace process.

See Me Campaign

In order for civil society organizations to be aligned with local-level realities and include on the ground stories into their work, the See Me Campaign collects stories from the field and shares these stories with a group of Artivists (artists and civil society activists)to design innovative art projects and social campaigns around the CSOs' work.

Sustainable Development Goals – Awareness Campaign

ArtLords painted murals in six (6) provinces of Afghanistan to raise awareness about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Artivists Network for Innovation (ANI)

Aims to bring together the Afghan artists community together by providing an online and offline platform for collaboration to showcase their work and promote human rights, democracy, and art.

Dard Dil Boxes

The Dard Dil boxes placed in various locations in seven (7) provinces of Afghanistan collects letters from Afghan citizens on different topics to express their hopes, desires, pain, and suffering. The aim is to encourage citizens to write and hold the authorities accountable for their actions.

Our Fun Facts

Over 2500+ work completed
& still counting


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